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Alexander College

Alexander College offers you the opportunity to study on a 6-month foundation programme before deciding if you want to commit to a full undergraduate degree course. The ‘Business & Law’ programme is designed to introduce you to a wide range of subjects to help you discover the areas of study that interest you the most before deciding on a specialty.


If at the end of your 6-month foundation programme, you would like to continue your studies on one of our UWE Bristol Undergraduate degree courses, we will deduct all the foundation programme fees you previously paid, from your Undergraduate course.

This programme will prepare you for a range of undergraduate degrees and will improve your chances of meeting undergraduate degree admission requirements in fields such as business, economics, accounting, finance and law. You will receive intensive English language training and you will be introduced to a number of subjects including computer information technology, accounting, business mathematics, marketing and commercial law.

This is an application form - not a registration form. By completing and submitting the form below you are under no obligation, you are simply giving us information which will speed up the administration process if and when you decide to register officially. Your submitted form will be reviewed and we will contact you within the next 3 business days to discuss your application. All of the information you submit here will be treated as confidential and will under no circumstances be shared with any third parties for any other purpose.

If you have any questions or would prefer to apply in person, you can Contact Us to book an appointment.

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