In addition to our own recognised programmes, we offer UK franchise degrees – approved by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education. Courses range from Foundation to Postgraduate level. See the complete list here.

We have a long-standing history of educational excellence and this is owed, in no small part, to our established Cyprus and UK connections and our collaborations with accredited UK Universities and awarding bodies.

Grants and scholarship guidance, IT Support, online library access, printing services and more.

Alexander College aspires to remain in touch with its graduates and provide you with a range of benefits and services.

Giving you a voice and providing you with the most positive and rewarding student experience possible.

Modern and spacious custom-built facilities designed to meet the needs of all who study and work here. Take a closer look at our computer labs, creative studios, lecture rooms, library, theatre, radio station and more in our facilities gallery.

International Students

International students play a huge part at Alexander College – We are honoured to have welcomed students hailing from 6 continents and over 50 countries. Whatever you study, you’ll soon make friends from across the world.

Research studies, publications and organised events all coordinated by ARC with the aim of raising institutional awareness. See our latest research projects here.

Specialised training courses for professionals in Financial Services, Compliance, Investments & Technical Analysis, Blockchain & Digital Currencies, etc. See which programmes are currently available.

From seminars to barbeques – our events are many and varied, find out what’s happening next!

Stay informed about our courses, student achievements, the latest research, updates in education and more.

Students and staff share their views, ideas and experiences in the world of Alexander College.