Internal Quality Assurance Background
– Upon approval of Law 136 (I) 2015, Alexander College, by decision of the Council (November 2015), established the Internal Quality Committee, which, among others, is responsible for the “operation of formal mechanisms for the approval, monitoring and periodic review and where necessary review of programs and degrees offered”. The Internal Quality Committee, along with the Academic Council (both institutions are headed by the Head of Academic Affairs, see 1.3 a and b of internal rules) have the authority to periodically review the content of teaching programs and guide their future development. The new provisions of the law have been incorporated to the internal regulation of the college and have been approved by the Ministry of Education relative authority. The procedures of approval and operation, of review and internal evaluation of the study programs are set according to the law 67 (I) 1996-2013 while guided by the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in European Higher Education Area and in particular Part I which relates to the Standards and Guidelines for the Protection of Internal Quality . The Alexander College is bound to apply article 4a of Law 136 (I)2015 and develops an internal quality evaluation policy aiming to improve the education offered. Heading towards this direction the college prepared an updated plan of operation and mechanisms for the management and improvement. For the internal approval and operation of a course of study that will be evaluated and certified, a thorough procedure is followed including academics, professionals and relevant officials in the employment industry (professional committees and bodies) based on the Alexander College strategy and educational mission. The provisions include the evaluation and review of the content of the programme of study, based on the most recent research in order to update the programmes. The changes to the needs of the society, the work load of the students and lecturers and the results of their study. It also includes the effectiveness of the students’ assessment, the expectations-needs and their satisfaction by the programme offered. The evaluation of the learning environment as well as the support services offered. Programs are reviewed and revised at least every four years and especially before the review from the Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education, which takes place every five years, while every three years a detailed report is prepared by the Internal Quality Committee. Every single change at a programme of study is taken and adopted, taking into consideration the above criteria and is communicated officially while at the right time is published in accordance to the law.

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