Research at Alexander College

Alexander College promotes quality in research as crucial element of its mission. It advances research culture through a set of relevant activities within the academic student communities. We embrace socially beneficial research activity which encompasses the academia, economy and society. In recent years one can observe, more and more publications in internationally established journals take place; more effective participation in scientific conferences, quality art exhibitions and activities in fields of applied sciences have as their starting point the community of Alexander College. Among those we celebrate the most the organisation of the successful conference on “European Union, changes, transformations and challenges” which attracted significant participation (EU Conference: Proceedings). New quality partnerships built on solid foundations have already delivered prosperous some initial results. Securing grands and rewards for research is a fundamental means in support of the difficult venture of advancing new knowledge.

Our Research Centre celebrated in December 2020 five years of treasured life experiences (Alexander Research Centre). Demands and difficulties are not to be underestimated, but we remain inspired and motivated for contributing to “a world of tomorrow, today!”

Alexander College has incorporated to its organisation and courses it offers all new demanding criteria of the National Certification Body (DIPAE) and is adapting to international high standards. Our partnerships with British Universities are beneficial and guarantee high standards within the Higher Education domain, cultivating autonomy, knowledge and skills. We continue our efforts at a fast pace even during this difficult period.