The “A” band

Alexander College / UWE student’s band has already started the rehearsals for the event of the 19th of February.
“A” band (as they are called) will sing at Savino Live (Larnaka) for a charity purpose, for the 23 years old boy from Xilotimpou that he has been diagnosed with leukemia and needs to travel to the UK for his treatment.
The entrance price will be 5 euros and all the revenue will be given for the above purpose.
How do the students of “A” Band feel about this event?

Michalis Persianis (guitarist)

We are glad that we are a part of this charity event through music that we love. It’s the first time that we will sing as a band of Alexander College / UWE.
Our band’s name is “A”.
“A” can mean a lot of things….”Alexander College / UWE”, “A grade”, etc.
All the songs that we will sing that night are going to be dedicated to the 23years old guy from Xilotimpou that needs our help. But the first song will also be dedicated to all young people that fight for their dreams.
(First song of that night: )

Georgia Charalambous (singer)

I sing since I was five years old. I’m happy that through this event, that is organized by our College, will help another human being, the 23 years old guy from Xilotimpou. I deeply believe that music connects people. Also, I am excited that finally our college band is a reality!

Anna Maria (pianist)

It’s the first time that I will play in front of an audience for a live music event.I play the piano since I was 7 years old and I have the belief that music is a feeling and that is why it has the power to connect all people. I am happy that I will play with our college band, with my student mates, for such a nice purpose, for a charity.

Shabeth Biador (singer)

I feel that this event is all about giving and helping! So I am excited that I will be part of our College band. I sing since I was a kid, I love music. For me the music is life, is everything.
I am happy that me and my student mates we will do this music event for a purpose. We will work as a team not for studies matter, not for fan but for a charity purpose. That’s why I feel that this is so special and I am happy that the first event by the College’s band is for a charity purpose.

Tonia Kiriakou (flute)

I play the flute since I was a kid and I love it. Now I have the chance to play it with my college band for a charity purpose and I believe that this is wonderful. I am excited that we are going to spend time with my student mates for the rehearsals for this event. We can’t wait for the 19th of February. See you all there, at Savino Live.

Special Thanks to Petro Panagi (singer) and Nikola Therapon (maestro) for their participation and great help.