They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” Andy Warhol.

In a time of social and financial turmoil there are productive prospects for cultural and spiritual development. Such a turmoilis what plagues our country at present. Therefore, this might be a worthychance for people to reflect on how to actually change things. Changing things might not merely mean changing things in their materialistic or utilitarianaspects. It might entail a change that is profound and beyond-the-established. Looking at things from a different perspective, re-creating reality, practising creativity and having great visions for the future is a start to changing things. These traits are an artist’s privilege.

At the Department of Fine Art we support and encourage change through means of vision, passion, imagination, challenge and audaciousness. The BA Fine Art programmefocuses on the development of technical and transferable skills, and advances intellectual and critical skills necessary to show critical reflection, evaluation and analysis in the development of art practice. The programme comprises of distinguished artists and academic staff and our studio premises in the centre of Larnaca accommodate students in an inspirational space and a surrounding full of stimulation. Our students’ exhibitions, events and activities are a proof of their contribution to change.

The Department of Fine Art is a franchise programme of the University of the West of England, an internationally recognized and well-established University within the realm of Arts. This programme delivers what it promises: educational and artistic excellence and worldwide degree recognition. Hence, our students, holding a worldwide recognized degree will have the ability to also work abroad both in Education fields as well as independently. Due to thesolidhighlight on the attainment of independent analysis and creative initiative during their studies our graduates have the flexibility to advance into a broad range of professions. Equipped with highly visual and conceptual mastery,ingenuity and problem solving our graduates gain the ability to open the hallway to some essential social change.