Terrorism and prevention:

This lecture will focus on the global phenomenon of terrorism and civil aviation. It will look through an array of events such as the Lod airport massacre in Tel Aviv (1972), the September 11 attacks (2001) and other recent incidents involving commercial airlines.

The lecture will also address on the new instruments and technologies utilized by terrorist and the methods that the states and industry are using to prevent and counteract this growing threat to international security.


Aldo Cagnoli (Rome, 1967) is a B777-200 pilot, with a degree in sociology and journalism. He is a long time contributor to various publications on aeronautics and the author of several texts regarding terrorism and aviation. His most important publications include “September 11: New Routes of Aviation Terrorism” (Progetto Cultura, Rome, 2009) and “Aviation Terrorism and Prevention” (Progetto Cultura, Rome, 2010).