An exhibition organized by Fine Arts Department, Year 2 Fine Arts students of Alexander College/ University of the West of England Bristol.

The title “Bubble Bath” highlights the complexity between the faux-lux aesthetics of the exhibition space along with the individualistic approach of each proposed artwork. By escaping the comfort and neutrality of their studios, the students attempt to contradict and coincide with the space’s pre-existing narratives. 
Constantinos Charous
Anais Chrysanthou
Florin Coman
Christos Drakos
Elena Lampis
Anna Lefkati
Andreas Mallouris
Anastasia Shikki
Maria Vassiliou
Dimitra Vyra

Opening: Thursday 23rd February 2017 at 19:30
Duration: 23rd February until 27th February 
Duration time: 19:30 – 22:30