Course Structure

A Semester

Course typeCourse TitleCourse Code Periods per Week Duration per Period
CompulsoryIntroduction to the Language  Expectations of the Programme  and Academic Environment

In this module, students will familiarize with language expectations in relation to all skills. Understanding the main ideas of texts, engaging in discussions on a wide range of topics,  and expressing feelings and opinions with clarity are the main objectives of the first module.  They are expected to gain a clear understanding of the language skills they need to achieve  and the expected competencies in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. They will also  receive an orientation to Higher Education life and academic culture, including academic  integrity, research ethics, and time management. Special emphasis will be placed on  developing effective study skills and strategies, note-taking skills, organizing study material  and utilizing academic resources available on campus and online.

Through this course, students will familiarize with digitally mediated contexts such as phones, tablets, emails, social media and more.

ENG001455 minutes
CompulsoryListening and Speaking Skills  Development

Students will work on enhancing their listening and speaking skills through various interactive activities. They will learn how to understand the main ideas of propositionally and linguistically simple speech on both concrete and abstract topics delivered in a standard dialect. They will listen to authentic academic lectures, debates, discussions and presentations, and practice summarizing and discussing the main points. Special attention will be given to pronunciation, intonation, and appropriate use of formal and informal language.

Students will familiarize with the use of technology and digitally mediated contexts and learn how to include them in their language learning experience.

Students will make use of grammatical rules and structures within a variety of speaking activities and discussions. They will be asked to use correct tenses and sentence structure improving in this way their knowledge of the language.

ENG002655 minutes
CompulsoryReading Skills Enhancement

This module will focus on improving students’ reading skills. Students will read a variety of academic texts, such as research articles, essays, and literary pieces, to enhance their reading comprehension and critical thinking skills. They will learn how to analyze and interpret texts, identify main arguments, and draw basic conclusions. They will acquire strategies on how to extract key information and making inferences from different texts. They will learn how to recognize a text that provides factual information or aiming at convincing readers regarding a particular issue or subject. They will learn how to recognize  different structures in discursive text: contrasting arguments, problem-solution  presentation, and cause-effect relationships. They will learn how to obtain information,  ideas, and opinions from sources within their field. They will develop strategies for efficient  reading and effective notetaking.

Through this module, there will be reference to grammatical phenomena included in reading texts and following up with specific activities that reflect students’ understanding and good use of grammar at B2 level.

ENG003655 minutes

B Semester

CompulsoryWriting Skills Enhancement

This module will focus on improving students’ writing skills and developing academic writing skills. The writing component will involve developing academic essays, reports, and summaries while adhering to academic writing conventions, such as proper referencing and citation styles. They will improve on how to produce clear, well-structured, detailed texts on a variety of subjects related to their field of interest. Evaluating information and arguments from several resources as well as developing writing skills for formal essays, reports, and critical analyses should be the aim of the course. They will learn how to write an essay or report developing an argument systematically with appropriate highlighting of significant points and relevant supporting  details and rounding off with an appropriate conclusion. They will learn how to convey  information and ideas on abstract as well as concrete topics.

Cultural awareness will be reflected throughout the course using different audiovisual aids and writing tasks. Students will also be asked to participate in introducing their own culture using different materials ( pictures, videos, readings, hands-on activities and more). Students will be asked to prepare a project or an essay about culture related topics ( festivals, customs and traditions) to give an insight of their cultural background.

ENG004655 minutes
CompulsoryAcademic Vocabulary and Language

Building a strong academic vocabulary is essential for success in Higher Education studies. Students should enhance their vocabulary related to various academic disciplines, including sciences, humanities, and social sciences and developing a high lexical accuracy. They will also practice complex grammatical structures accurately and effectively, paying attention to the appropriate and correct use of language for a variety of  contexts and purposes.

ENG005655 minutes
CompulsoryLanguage Practice and Application

This module will provide opportunities for students to practice and apply the language skills they have acquired in real-life academic and social situations. Students will engage in role-plays, and discussions. They will also participate in collaborative projects and oral presentations, which will strengthen their teamwork and presentation skills. They will learn how to express themselves confidently, clearly, and politely in a formal or informal register and contribute to group discussions.

ENG006455 minutes