Core Modules
ECTS Credits
Semester 1 – Term A (15 Credits)
MBA522 – Research Methods5
MBA511 – Organization Behavior and HRM5
MBA512 – Managing Finance5
Semester 1 – Term B (15 Credits)
MBA513 – Marketing and Operations Management5
MBA514 – Strategic Management5
(Elective/Specialization Module)5
Semester 2 – Term C (15 Credits)
MBA521 – Project Management5
MBA515 – Corporate Governance Risk and Ethics5
MBA523 – Managing Change5
Semester 2 – Term D (15 Credits)
MBA524 – Enterprise, Innovation and Creativity5
MBA525 – Information Systems Technology5
(Elective/Specialization Module)5
Semester 3 – Term E (30 Credits)
MBA550 – Dissertation25
(Elective/Specialization Module)5
1 ECTS Credit = 2 UK Credits
General MBA Pathway

Students taking this pathway must combine three Electives from both the Procurement and the Management module lists below.

Procurement Pathway

Students following this pathway must take all three specialization modules from the list of Procurement modules below.

Management Pathway

Students following this pathway must take any three specialization modules from the list of Management modules below.

Procurement Elective/Specialization Modules
MBAP517 – Legal Background of Public Procurement5
MBAP527 – Planning and Management of Procurement Life-Cycle5
MBAP528 – Contemporary Topics in Procurement5
Management Elective/Specialization Modules
MBAM516 – International Management in Context5
MBAM526 – Management Consultancy5
MBAM529 – Contemporary Topics in Business Administration5
MBAM531 – Leadership and Management5

It is the intention of Alexander College to deliver the course/modules as published on this website. To ensure our provision is kept relevant and current, the College may change, combine or withdraw courses/modules in response to stakeholder feedback or limited demand.