The manager’s role is more challenging and stimulating than ever. Intense competition, increasing customer expectations, strategic alliances, mergers and de-mergers, all make managers’ tasks more complex and demanding. Yet with the ability to deal confidently with challenges like these, you can look forward to a rewarding and fulfilling future in virtually any organisation, with the opportunity to work anywhere in the world, and in any sector. The MSc in Business Management will give you the skills and insight needed for a successful business career, as well as the qualifications and confidence to lift you above other candidates in the job market. To succeed in today’s management environment, you’ll need to understand and react to the implications of financial, operational, strategic and organisational changes, as well as understanding how to manage and motivate people. This course will help you link theory and practice relevant to today’s organisations, giving you the personal tools to create, implement and progress the most effective management policies.

Course Insight

The MSc Business course provides a broad-based education necessary for current or aspiring senior managers by building the necessary holistic perspective upon any business subject. The philosophy of the programme is to develop students with a broad business education and with the knowledge and skills to undertake effectively a wide range of general business functions as well as specialised roles in management.

Teaching and Learning

The course is taught through a diverse mix of learning environments including face-to-face tutor-led, independent student-led and group projects. Lectures, workshops/ seminars and group project work account for 12 hours of contact time per week and you will spend at least as much time again in essential independent study including research, online work and preparation for assessment.


You will be assessed through a mix of coursework. The aim will be to assess not only what you know and can do but also develop the graduate attributes that are valued by employers. These attributes include communication and presentation skills, IT and numeracy skills, team work, project and time management skills as well as the intellectual skills of problem solving, critical thinking, analysis and evaluation, creativity and innovation. Coursework comes in many different forms: essays and reports; business plans and applied research projects; portfolios and weekly notes; assessed group and individual presentations and posters. You will also be required to reflect and comment on your own learning and personal development.

Enrolment and Duration

The course is composed of 8 modules worth 15 credit points each and a final project, worth 60 credits. The degree can be completed in 12 months full time study (four sessions per week) or 24 months part time study (two evenings per week). Each module runs once a week for 12 weeks.

Entry Requirements

Applicants must be 21 years of age and hold a degree from an accredited University or equivalent business professional qualification or a HND in Business Studies or equivalent professional business award at NVQ 4, plus two years’ relevant work experience or at least two years in a management role with in-house management education/development. You may be interviewed prior to acceptance. Applicants who are graduates from non-English speaking institutions will be required to provide proof of their knowledge of the English Language.

Graduation Requirements

To achieve the MSc degree award, students must complete all 9 modules earning a total of 180 credits. To achieve the Postgraduate Diploma award, students are only required to complete the first 8 modules to earn a total of 120 credits.

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