3 Years (Full-time)
University of the West of England degree
Secondary School Diploma OR Foundation Certificate/Diploma or equivalent.

Sufficient knowledge of the English language

17+ by 1st September of year of entry

Course Insight

Our popular BA(Hons) Photography course will develop your creativity and give you the high-level practical skills needed to become a successful photographer. You will be able to work across all areas of the discipline, from editorial and documentary to fashion, advertising and fine art. You will be encouraged to transform your broad-based photographic practice into an individual visual style. The course incorporates all the factors you need: a vibrant, collaborative environment, relevant facilities, supportive workshop instruction and expert input, all underpinned by theory and critique. At its core are creative projects in still and moving imagery, involving exciting opportunities in contemporary lens-based media. Dialogue with journalists, designers and performers will expand and deepen your practice. You will have access to professional standard photographic equipment and will receive one-to-one support from experienced technical and academic staff.

Teaching and Learning

Most of your learning will take place in a course-specific environment aimed at project related outcomes organised into specific modules. Teaching sessions include workshops, seminars, group and individual tutorials and lectures. The principal teaching and learning method used is the tutor group, which meets regularly to discuss student work and other course related issues. You will also attend lectures and seminars with students from other creative disciplines and you will develop a rigorous critical and analytical approach to your own work and the work of others. This will foster a culture of collaboration between disciplines which will be very valuable to you when you leave university. As well as technical workshops that run throughout the course aimed at maximising your skills base, other practical elements include the development of professional skills; such as creating and maintaining a strong online presence, personal branding and promotion tactics, costing and invoicing protocols, networking strategies, communication skills, collaborative approaches and presentation techniques. On completion of the course you should expect to be fully aware of business and working processes plus you will have built a unique and compelling portfolio of work.


All modules are assessed according to the level of attainment achieved in relation to the specific learning outcomes of that module. These learning outcomes will be made available to students. A range of assessment methods are used including assessment by presented project work, essays and research presentations. Students are expected to critique and analyse their own work and relate it to the broader context of photography and related media. Marks from modules undertaken in both Years 2 and 3 will contribute to your final degree classification.

Enrolment and Duration

This is a 3 year full time programme comprising of 12 modules. Each year commences in late September or in some cases, early October and runs for a period of 32 weeks. Students may enrol up to 2 weeks before the course starting date however, early enrolment is advised as places are limited.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must be at least 17 years of age by 1st September of the year they wish to enrol and must hold a Secondary School Diploma and have sufficient knowledge of the English language.

Graduation Requirements

To achieve the BA(Hons) Photography degree, you will be required to complete all modules earning a total of 360 credits. Students who complete all first year modules (120 credits) will be eligible for the Certificate; Students who complete all Year 1 and 2 modules (240 credits) will be eligible for a Diploma. (See Course Structure)

Where Next?

Photographers can apply their skills in varying fields including advertising, fashion and freelance event photography. Graduates wishing to continue their studies have enrolled onto our MA Design course which is ideal for degree holders from all creative backgrounds.

If you have any questions or would prefer to apply in person, you can Contact Us to book an appointment.

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