Accredited by DIPAE Bachelor of Design Degree 4 Years Study

Semester 1

CodeModule TitleECTS
ENG111English 15
DES111Design Communication 15
DES112History of Art & Design 15
DESF117Introduction to Fashion Design5

Semester 2

CodeModule TitleECTS
ENG121English 25
DES121Design Communication 25
DES122Theory and Practice in Design 15
DESF127Design Applications to Fashion5

Semester 3

CodeModule TitleECTS
ENG211Academic English5
DES211Computer Applications in Design 15
DES212History of Art & Design 25
DES213Creative Studio 110
DESF217Experimenting in Fashion Design5

Semester 4

CodeModule TitleECTS
DES221Theory and Practice in Design 25
DES222Computer Applications in Design 25
DES223Creative Studio 210
DESF230CAM in Fashion Design5
DESF231Developing Fashion Design5

Semester 5

CodeModule TitleECTS
DES311Professional Practice5
DES312Critical Studies5
DES313Media Production5
DES314Professional Studio 110
DESF318Preparing for Extended Studies in Fashion5

Semester 6

CodeModule TitleECTS
DES321Portfolio Development 15
DES322Independent Research in Design5
DES323Professional Studio 210
DESF330Extended Studies in Industry for Fashion5
DESF331Experimenting Extended Studies in Fashion5

Semester 7

CodeModule TitleECTS
DES411Advanced Theory of Design5
DES412Communicating Design5
DES413Design Project 15
DESF420Contemporary Topics in Fashion Design5
DESF421Building a Fashion Identity5
General Elective5

Semester 8

CodeModule TitleECTS
DES421Portfolio Development 25
DES422Ethics Values and Sustainability5
DES423Design Project 215
General Elective5