Year 1

Module TitlesECTS
Introduction to Business7.5
Introduction to Financial Accounting7.5
Basic Algebra7.5
Business English7.5
Introduction to Microeconomics7.5
Introduction to Marketing7.5
Organisation Behaviour7.5
Information Systems Technology7.5

Year 2

Module TitlesECTS
Introduction to the Internet and E-Business7.5
Introduction to Macroeconomics7.5
Managerial Accounting7.5
Introduction to Business Finance7.5
Operations Management7.5
Business Law7.5
Marketing Intelligence and Consumer Behaviour7.5
The EU Environment7.5

Year 3

Module TitlesECTS
E-Business: Marketing7.5
Project Management7.5
Managing Financial Decisions and Resources7.5
Small Business Enterprise7.5
Financial Reporting7.5
Environmental Management7.5
Human Resource Management7.5

Year 4

Module TitlesECTS
Business Ethics7.5
Research Methods7.5
Retail and Service Management7.5
Research Project15
Business Strategy7.5
Quality Management7.5
Financial Systems and Auditing7.5