4 years
Alexander College degree. Accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education. Recognized by the KYSATS (Cyprus Council of Recognition of Higher Education Qualifications)
Larnaca and Paphos
Secondary School Diploma or equivalent

Sufficient knowledge of the English language

17 before 1st September of year of entry

Course Insight

This extremely modern course is designed to address contemporary needs in the relevant industry sector and to combine theory and practice in Business Administration and Finance. Learners are introduced to the range of business activity in public, private and voluntary (non-profit) sectors at Local, National, European and International levels. Business aims and objectives are introduced along with strategies for their achievement via interdependent functional areas. Plans to ensure survival and encourage growth are also conceptualized. The course sharpens the skills and knowledge regarding the basic subjects under study, using rigorous methodology which is necessary in an ever changing world of continuous technological innovation and uncertainty.

The course covers a broad spectrum of business subjects (See Course Structure) The intention is to provide students with the context, concepts and techniques that are relevant to a wide variety of business practices, problems, situations and vocational areas.

The course develops students´employability, equips them for further academic and professional study and prepares them for a career in the generic field of Business and Finance. It provides students with a substantive foundation in the methods and applications of evaluative techniques to finance related agendas.

Course Content

Year 1 introduces students to various theories and practices within Business with particular focus on Finance, Economics, Marketing, Organisation Behaviour and Information Systems Technology.

Year 2 introduces the student to Accounting and Finance, Business Law, Consumer Behaviour and more importantly to the EU environment and E-Business.

Year 3 envisages a combination of knowledge and skills in the fields of E-Business Marketing, Taxation, Financial Reporting with the fields of Project Management, HR and Environmental Management, Financial Decision Making and Small Business Management whilst taking into consideration that small businesses are the backbone of the economy.

Year 4 endeavors to offer to students the necessary incentives to Research Methods, Business Ethics and to Retail and Services Management. It equips students with Strategic Thinking and Quality Management, Auditing and finally and most importantly to work and submit with success their Research Project. Throughout the course critical awareness and thinking is developed.

Course Aims

  • To provide a scheme of study that enables students to develop their knowledge, understanding and transferable skills through exposure to the theory and practice of business and management;
  • To develop students’ independent learning skills develop students’ employability;
  • To provide students with knowledge and understanding of the Business Administration and Finance practices theories and applications provide a foundation in the methods and applications of evaluative techniques to finance related agendas;
  • To equip students for further academic and professional study;
  • To prepare students for a career in the generic field of Business and Finance;
  • To adapt tomorrows graduates to the challenging EU environment.

Learning Environment

A variety of learning techniques are used from the traditional lecture to more student-centered approaches such as team work and exercises in presentation, research, visiting enterprises and assignments. As students’ progress through the programme, self-motivation and confidence are highly encouraged. The Business Department encourages research in all stages of Tertiary Education and thus students can make the best out of such an environment and modern Library.


Assessment on the program serves to provide students with the opportunity to demonstrate the appropriate learning outcomes to a standard suitable for an award of the highest grade. Methods of assessment include formal examinations, written essays, working on assignments either individually or in teams and in-class presentations.

Enrolment and Duration

This is a 4-year full time programme comprising of 31 modules including a research project. Each year commences in late September or early October.

Entry Requirements

Candidates must be at least 17 years of age and a hold a secondary school leaving certificate and have a satisfactory knowledge of the English language

Where Next?

Our graduates leave with crucial business skills, diverse career paths and valuable knowledge and experience of real business environments to thrive in a competitive job market and fast-paced, ever-changing global economy. Students wishing to continue their studies enrol onto our MSc Business Management course.

If you have any questions or would prefer to apply in person, you can Contact Us to book an appointment.

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