Single Unit Course
Digital Photography


This module instructs the fundamental principles that support digital photographic technologies used in professional practice. Students will gain a thorough practical and theoretical knowledge of a range of applications of digital photographic techniques. Lectures supported by seminars will facilitate an understanding of how digital technology has informed professional and fine art photography through the debate of leading practitioners and theoretical concerns.

Teaching & Learning Strategy

 Students will process their own images digitally, and digital photography skills may be used to complement skills developed in other units. A series of integrated activities, which focus upon digital photography, can be used to generate evidence. Students should capture, save and store images appropriately. Written evidence to demonstrate understanding of the devices and techniques will also be prepared. Outcomes will be evidenced through image production and should focus upon the critical evaluation of students’ own work and relevant contemporary images. In addition, written work should indicate the students’ understanding of digital systems, copyright and the legal and ethical implications of digitally manipulating images. Assessment activities involve peer group and/or tutor presentation and discussion. A major proportion of this programme is practice-based so students must demonstrate competent use of digital imaging systems in the production of practical work. Thus documentary evidence will include images, their evaluation and supporting written material demonstrating knowledge and understanding.

Module Aims

This unit is designed to enable students to develop and explore their digital image processing skills, together with their knowledge of the associated technology and systems. The unit involves image capture, using digital cameras and scanning equipment, and image processing, of which image manipulation is a part. Image storage and output will also form elements of this unit. This unit is investigative and will enable students to develop their knowledge and skills to facilitate their specialisation in digital image production.


 Assessment is based on three or more practical projects that are designed to enable the student to develop their skills in a progressive manner. Skills and creativity are assessed via the practical projects 1 and 2, using the group critique as the principal activity for presentation, discussion and criticism of the students’ work as a creative visual form. Formative feedback is given in group critiques and individual tutorials. Summative feedback is given in individual tutorials.

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