Single Unit Course
Web Design


This programme will enable students to produce interactive web pages that have multimedia content. The unit will cover the creation of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) code through to the inclusion of Java applets to enhance web page design and production.

 Module Aims

This unit enables students to create and manage web-based applications. The focus is on the server and the mechanisms to link web pages to databases.

Teaching & Learning Strategy

This unit can be delivered stand-alone if students have some prior programming experience. The delivery will be mainly practical and both simple and complex web specifications will be used. The students will be expected to be involved in managing associated servers. In addition to the technical aspects, students will be guided in ensuring that the web pages they produce are ‘user friendly’.


This module allows the student to develop a web page, using a variety of methods. Students are expected to enhance the page and publish the completed pages on the web. This is a practical unit and the learners will be expected to work independently. Students will need to display organisation and management skills of relevant files in order to create a project with all necessary and appropriate application with interesting and creative design layouts. In the second part of the programme, one final assignment will also be required to be presented creating ML web pages, a text editor and using all relevant software tools.

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