Fees and Funding

Undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate study are serious commitment and involves careful financial planning at the time of application and for the duration of the programme.
Given the difficult economic times our country has been experiencing, Alexander College / University of the West of England is reducing its tuition fees for the Academic Year 2013-14.

The tuition policy states that both Undergraduate as well as Postgraduate programs are to be paid in six installments, with the final payment being completed by April. On the day of registration, the student must submit the amount of €1,000 for enrollment in a graduate field of study and the amount of €1500 for enrollment in a postgraduate field of study. In both cases, the money will be deducted from the overall tuition costs.

Please note that no additional charges are made for registration and examinations.
For more information, please contact Alexander College at 24532373 or send us an email at info@alexander.ac.cy

Bank Account
IBAN: CY74 0070 3430 0000 0000 4004 1545

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