Gain Research Knowledge in Practice

22 February 2016

What: a Student’s Research Committee affiliated to the Alexander Research Centre to assist with innovative research activity under the guidance of the Scientific Council of the Alexander College Research Centre. Alexander Research Center is a nonprofit interdisciplinary Centre established in 2015 that focuses on research and studies that disseminate research culture, competes for EU funds and assists to the general development of the population. It is interlinked to all Alexander College/UWE Departments and has its own Board and Scientific Council.

For how long: members of the Research Committee that successfully participate for  6 months and minimum four (4) hours per week to any research project will be given a certificate of research participation by the Alexander Research Centre for their own use.

What exactly: participation into and organization of questionnaires and surveys by Alexander Research Centre

Eligibility: Any motivated-research oriented undergraduate student between 2nd and 3rd year or a postgraduate student may participate. All interested students must hold a reference letter by any College academic.

Please send your interest or ask for any other information at care of Kostas Christodoulides, Director and Nicodemos Loizou Vice-Chairman of Alexander College Research Centre