How to Apply

Applying to study

You can apply to any of our courses directly to the college. This can be done either in person or by submitting an online application form. If you are applying in person, please call us to arrange an appointment.

Applying as a Mature Student

Academic potential is by no means limited to those with conventional qualifications. At Alexander we welcome applications from individuals who can demonstrate academic potential in other ways. An example of this would be through recent academic pursuits or through work and other experience. We will be happy to discuss admissions requirements with you, and can offer you further guidance on the suitability of specific qualifications.

Deferred Entry – Gap Year Students

If you’re thinking of enhancing your career prospects with a gap year, simply apply at the same time as you would for non-deferred entry and let us know which year you wish to commence studies with us. Students who have already commenced their studies on a UWE Bristol course may opt to take a year out with the University’s approval, and return to their studies the following year.

Transfer Students

If you’re looking to transfer to Alexander from another college or university, we may be able to consider accepting you directly into the second year of your chosen degree course and in special circumstances, you may also be considered for third year entry – in both cases you will need to have the appropriate qualifications.

Studying Part-time

If your job or other aspects do not permit you enough time to attend classes on a full-time course you can apply to study on a part-time basis. This option however is only available for a limited number of courses. As a part-time student, you will attend the same lectures and classes as full-time students, but fewer of them over a longer period of time. You may switch to full-time study for the rest of your course after successfully completing the equivalent of a full first year of modules.

What happens to your application?

Your application will be reviewed and we will usually notify you of our decision within 3 business days, unless we require you to attend an interview, or we need further information.

Once the application process is complete and you meet all the criteria for your chosen course, the enrolment process or registration can begin. At Alexander, this is done in person. We will arrange an appointment at a time that is convenient for you.

Fee Payments

The initial fee you will be asked to pay to complete the enrolment process will be the registration fee to secure your place on to your chosen course and thereafter, the remaining tuition fees for the year. All fees can be paid in person at our Accounts Office. If you are unable to personally attend the college before your course start date, you may transfer funds directly to the following account:

IBAN: CY74 0070 3430 0000 0000 4004 1545


If you have any further enquiries about your application, a specific course or tuition fees please contact the Admissions Office: