Alexander College and Alexander Research Center were awarded with Gold and Bronze Awards at the Cyprus Education Leaders Awards 2022.

Gold was awarded for the Best Learning Experience category and the MootCourtSkillS@EmpowerMent#Simulation virtual court project.

This is the idea and practical implementation of the Law programme of Alexander College and the University of Canterbury Christ Church. Participation in a  Virtual Court provides law students with conditions for simulating court hearings. The space is structured to be the most realistic possible as to resemble a real Court. It simulates a hearing in which two groups of students can analyze a problem, and investigate its legal context.

Within this framework and in order to learn by gaining experience (Learning from Experience), two teams consisting of younger and older law students, Natassa Tsokkou, George Avraam, Veronica Georgiou representing one side (on behalf of the applicant) and Marinos Alamangos, Eleni X”Vassilis representing the other side (defense), competed in the case concerning the interruption or continuation of custody/care of the known  artist Britney Spears, a hitherto topical and open case that constituted a complex legal problem. The students were supervised by Law Lecturer Marios Andreou and academician Amanda Digli. On behalf of the Law Department, the award was received by lawyer Andreas Prodromou.

The Bronze Prize was awarded for the category “Research” and the project RESEARCH-“COVID-19#Impact@HighEdu#CY”- The Impact of Educational Approaches in Cyprus during COVID-19 Restrictions: Impacts on Higher Education. The impact of COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions on the quality of teaching in Higher Education (HEIs) in Cyprus was studied. The aim was to evaluate teaching approaches and disseminate innovative approaches that have a positive impact on the learning environment because they include active participation and promote student autonomy. The research was presented at two international scientific conferences and published in a scientific journal abroad.  The authors of the research are Dr. Costas Christodoulides and Panagiotis Elias.

Coordination and preparation of the proposals was done by Dr. Costas Christodoulides, Chryso Tziampazis, Anastasia Hadjikyriakou, George Pantelides and Evangelos Evangelou.

This is the second consecutive year that   Alexander  College and Alexander  Research Centre  have been awarded honorary distinctions at the Cyprus  Education Leaders Awards organized by BOUSSIAS Cyprus under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Republic of Cyprus.