This Award recognises students who have demonstrated exceptional career potential and who Alexander College believes can act as ambassadors for the high quality of accredited Business, Finance, Accounting programmes of the College.

This award therefore, does not merely aim to reward ‘straight-A’ students but also potential leadership skills and prospects for career progression.


The award is open to students from all MBA and Bachelors programmes of Alexander College (either stand alone or in partnership) in the fields of Business, Finance, Accounting. Faculty members are invited to nominate by June 1st one student or a group of students (such as ad hoc research teams) who they think is eligible based on the Award Criteria.

Award Criteria

The candidates must demonstrate

  • potential for leadership and innovation (25%)
  • Good School representative / ambassador, e.g. staff / student liaison (25% )
  • Contribution to the international dimension of the programme i.e. assisting with the integration of overseas students or mentoring fresh students (25%)
  • Strong record of academic achievements (25%)

The prize will include €500