Institution’s mission statement

Mission Statement

Our philosophy is to provide lifelong learning by equipping students with the essential academic tools and skills to promote personal growth and professional development during and beyond their studies.

In an inclusive, multicultural and collegial-friendly learning environment in modern facilities, the faculty and staff build on experience and expertise, to offer support to personal and academic needs.

We aim to provide students with a set of dynamic generic and specific competences and skills by offering high standards of teaching and enquiry in collaboration with national, international and UK Universities and Professional Organisations

Vision Statement

To continue enhancing the development of the students learning experience and the delivery of the most valuable competences

To support a student centred learning environment which accommodates different learners priorities and builds on achievements

To build on the active role we play in the development of the wider Larnaca and Famagusta, enhance social impact and secure student employability


  • Ambitious to continue presenting strong international partnerships and networks of new knowledge enhancing teaching, learning and research expertise.
  • Inclusive  in investing in a diverse and creative learning environment.
  • Supportive in sharing experiences and services aiming at preparing students for the future.
  • Dedicated to fostering the individual success of students in a community environment and their continuous development as responsible, well-rounded and informed citizens of the world.