We would like to introduce Kristo Avraam as our new lecturer in BA Fashion. His knowledge and experience in the field of Fashion Design is more than appreciated.

Has teaching always been in your plans or it’s just a pleasant occurrence?

I have never thought about teaching. I have always wanted to build up my own label and since I have finished my studies I am working on that. Now I have created my own team, my own workshop and finally my vision is getting reality. As a person I believe that we have to share our experience and knowledge, so now is my pleasure to share with my students everything that I have learned so far.

Apart from knowledge, what else should be taught by a lecturer to his students?

As a lecturer you have to transmit your passion about your subject and your knowledge through your experience. You cannot gain experience  by reading.

Even though most people know you through your work, can you tell us a bit more?

I am probably the only designer in Cyprus focused on men’s wear. I have studied fashion design in Belgium and I have worked with several well known Belgian designers. I have participated in different fashion competitions, exhibitions, trade shows and fashion shows in Europe and in Cyprus. At 2007 I returned back to Cyprus and a year later I launched my own label ‘KRISTO AVRAAM’.

Is fashion industry as difficult and demanding as it’s said?

Even more…

What is your advice to the BA Fashion Design students for their first steps to the fashion world?

Be focused and be patient. Fashion design is 60% about strategy and 40% about creativity. So is good to set their goals from the beginning, their visions.