Qiiwi games, based in Sweden, are now operating in Cyprus with the company’s offices located in Nicosia. The company is currently attempting to expand their activities, and has recently announced their association with big companies, such as the world-renowned brand Master Chef, Hell’s Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares.

In this context, Alexander College has also been included in the list of their new partners. The academic institution develops collaborations relevant to the fields of their offered undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study, in order to be able to provide their students with more benefits.

This is why a Memorandum of Association has been signed with Qiiwi Games, a company capable of maintaining a competitive advantage in an ever-changing world and of responding to the public’s needs, with special considerations to young people who are involved in Gaming.

Establishing plans for the future, both companies move forward, utilizing in the best possible way potential programmes and students in the development on games, by creating games which satisfy the international market, by implementing innovative ideas and by giving opportunities to students to benefit from practical placement.

Alexander College welcomes their new associates and looks forward to a prosperous collaboration.