Alumni Privacy Notice
Alexander College is committed to protecting any personal information provided to us and meet our legal duties under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 and other applicable laws.

This Notice explains how Alexander College, through its Alumni Office and other departments, will collect and use your personal data for alumni and development activities. It should be read alongside the Student Data Collection Notice on how we process personal data.

Your personal data is collected from the following sources:

  • Alexander College – data is transferred from the College’s student databases to the database of the Alumni Office when students conclude their period of study
  • You – you provide data when you enquire about alumni services and benefits, register for events or volunteering opportunities, make a donation, register to join the alumni community or register to use alumni services.
  • Third parties – the College obtains data from the public domain and from organisations to aid the pursuit of its purposes.
The personal data that is processed

The data processed may include: 

  • your name, title, gender and date of birth
  • contact details (address, email addresses, phone numbers and social media presence) 
  • education history from your time at Alexander College and qualifications achieved at other institutions
  • prizes, scholarships and bursaries you were awarded
  • your attendance at graduation ceremonies
  • employment details, professional activities, career biographies and alumni profiles
  • partner/spouse and family details, and relationships with other alumni, supporters and friends
  • your interests as a student as well as your current interests
  • history of any donations to Alexander College, or philanthropic interests elsewhere
  • information about your potential philanthropic capacity
  • responses to Alexander College’s fundraising appeals and proposals
  • information from publically available sources and extracts from media stories
  • records of communications from, and interactions with  Alexander College
  • attendance at events and meetings with Alexander College staff
  • volunteering activities at or on behalf of Alexander College
  • communication preferences 
  • photographs, video or any other digital image either supplied by you for an alumni profile or taken during a graduation ceremony or alumni event or other Alexander College events.

Some of the above may contain “sensitive personal data”, otherwise known as “special category data”. This is data about your racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or other beliefs, physical or mental health. Alexander College will only process such data where you have given your consent for the College to have and use it or where the data has, to the best of the College’s knowledge and belief, been placed in the public domain by you.   

The purpose of processing your personal data

The Alumni Office will process personal data in order to maintain and promote a vibrant and engaged alumni community, to further the College’s objectives and in pursuit of its Strategic Plan.

Personal data may also be processed for the following purposes:

  • Keeping you informed of opportunities for you to continue to be involved in the life and activities of Alexander College
  • Administration and provision of alumni services and activities
  • Fundraising in support of the College’s objectives
  • Volunteering in support of the College’s objectives
Fundraising research

Fundraising helps support the work of Alexander College. The College tries to undertake activities that are effective and appropriate. Research enables the Alumni Office to identify those alumni and other individuals who are likely, able and willing to assist and to make sure that fundraising communications are relevant and of interest.

Research is carried out by analysing personal data. This analysis will normally be done by the Alumni Office but a third party organisation may sometimes be used. Where a third party is asked to undertake analysis, they will do so strictly in accordance with instructions given by the College, scheduled within a data sharing agreement.

If you prefer that Alexander College does not conduct the above activity in relation to your personal data, please email the College Data Protection Officer:

Securing your personal data

Your personal data is held on the Alumni Database. Arrangements are in place to ensure that your data remains secure. Access to the data is strictly controlled. Staff processing the data receive relevant training on data protection and information security.

From time to time, the College may commission agents of a third party to enhance the systems storing your personal data. Where this occurs they will act strictly in accordance with the instructions given by the College, scheduled within a data sharing agreement, so that your personal data remains secure.

Sharing your information with others

The Alumni Office does not share data with third-party organisations other than those acting on its behalf and with whom it has data sharing agreements. Arrangements will be in place to ensure that your data is exchanged in a secure manner and that it is not used for any purposes other than those agreed by Alexander College. Appropriate safeguards will be put in place where your data is to be transferred outside the European Union.

If the Alumni Office intends to share your personal information with anyone else, you will be notified and informed of the reason why when it is collected.

Your details will not be shared with any individuals looking to contact you, including your former fellow students.

How long will we retain your personal data?

The Alumni Office will look to retain your personal data for as long as there is a lawful reason to do so unless you request that it be removed from the records. Whenever you are written to you will be reminded of your right to request us to delete your personal data. Alternatively, you may ask at any time for us to delete your personal data by contacting . Where this happens, a record of the request and basic details will be retained in order to ensure that your data is not added to the database in future.

The legal basis for processing your data

Alexander College relies on several different legal bases depending on the processing being performed:

  • Consent – processing will sometimes be carried out in accordance with your consent
  • Performance of the student contract – provision of alumni services as set out within the student contract
  • Legal obligation – providing data to statutory and regulatory agencies
  • Public interest – furthering the charitable objectives of the College delivers a public and societal benefit
  • Legitimate interests – a vibrant and engaged alumni community supports and enhances the teaching and research of the College, having taken account of the privacy rights and freedoms of alumni.
Your rights

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 gives you have a number of rights to decide how your personal data is collected and processed. Details of these are contained within our Student Data Collection Notice.

Contact details

Should you have any concern about your personal data at Alexander College please contact the Data Protection Officer by email: