Mission Statement

The Alexander College Research Center is a reality since early 2015. Its objectives are:

(a)     The promotion of research, innovation and critical study in connection with the educational mission of Alexander College, the general conditions of Cyprus and Europe,

(b)     The dedication in the fields of economy, sustainable development, law, arts and culture, education, information technology, international and European relations and cooperation between the Cypriot communities.

(c)     Conducting studies and research, seminars, conferences, symposiums, conferences, training, publications, partnerships and collaborations with other organizations to promote the above objectives,

(d)     The promotion of interdisciplinary research, cooperation among peers and other institutions, academics and generally people of letters and arts,

(e)     The rational management and finding of financial resources to support the objectives and particular finding, acceptance and management of donations and legacies, trusts, financial assistance and contributions,

(f)      Participation in international research competitions, especially of academic nature ones.

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