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Gold Award

Alexander College and Alexander Research Centre announce that our project “The relationship of the Cypriot Youth with the Social Media and the Internet”, was honoured with the 2021 Gold Award for Research of the Cyprus Education Leaders Awards 2021 of @BOUSSIASCyprus, under the Aegis of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports.


Alexander College promotes research and research quality as an important component of its mission. Research, learning & teaching at Alexander College take account of the national context, the institutional context and our strategic approach. It is based on the perspective that research is an exciting quest and adds value to skills generated by Higher Education. We make research fit our teaching and learning. We encourage scholarly activity to strengthen the link between education and research through a series of means:

  • Through Curriculum which encourages students to explore existing and discover new knowledge
  • Through Facilities which offer incentives to apply and seek knowledge
  • Through enhancing Research development of academics and structured cooperation with Organizations


To foster research culture and activity in the academic and student community of Alexander College.

To develop socially beneficial research activity which will embrace the academic community, the economy and the society.

To form consortiums of cooperation with organizations and services designing research.

Regulations and procedures of research work


Recent Activity

Research Themes and Committees

Small Economies Big Vision

Micro and Small businesses (MSEs) are the backbone of the economy of Cyprus, constituting an incredible 95% of the total economic activity. Yet, the fruits of technological change have not been introduced to MSEs. Our research aspires to benefit private enterprises mainly those with less than 10 employees, and inspire government and local policy makers as well as financial institutions to give incentives for technological change in order to adapt to the post crisis environment.

Partnerships. Alexander College and Research Centre is in alliance with Larnaca Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Larnaca Municipality, Small Shopkeepers and Craftsmen Organizaton

Multidisciplinary field of Research in Design

Our projects attempt to enhance research and experiential culture among the creative industry, design educators and other stakeholders. We facilitate discussions and projects on contemporary themes in the Design domain and encourage interdisciplinary collaborations in order to contribute to society.

Partnerships. Alexander College and Research Centre collaborates with relevant businesses and cultural partners and holds agreements with Apothiki 79 Art Space, the Department of Cultural Affairs of Larnaca Municipality and other Organisations.

Modern Procurement Management and Legislation

Recent EU directives and independent authorities’ reports expose serious weaknesses of state controlled procurement policy in terms of transparency, conflict of interests and actual implementation of the law. We endeavor to assist with research and policy papers to enhancing this crucial domain and prioritizing green and socially beneficial procurement.

Partnerships. Alexander College and Research Centre collaborates with the Public Procurement Department of the Republic, the Tenders Review Authority, the Audito General of the Republic the Larnaca and Famagusta Bar Assiciations.

Problem and Pathological Gambling

Recent international research exposes social problems created by gambling attitudes in an age of extended legitimacy. Young adults are considered a target group and our goal is to study this particular age (18-35) in cooperation with relevant stakeholders. Problem and pathological gambling is on the rise and new tools of preventing negative consequences are in need.

Partnerships. Alexander College and Research Centre is in close cooperation with the Cyprus Youth Organisation (Youth Board), the National Betting Authority, the Cyprus National Authority for Addictions and the” Mediterranean” Prevention Organisation.

Business and Research Links

For the purpose of interacting with the society and organizations outside the academia and for constituting research outcomes socially meaningful, Alexander College implements a set of means

  • The establishment of Alexander Research Centre which includes in the Research and Governing Boards both experts and members of the academia outside the College
  • The implementation of a streamlined policy of structured cooperation with Public and Private Organizations which incorporates a variety of key actions including sharing new knowledge. Bilateral agreements between Alexander College and third parties include
  • Cooperation of research groups or other similar groups and through workshops held by the Organizations.
  • Development of joint-research activities, transfer of know-how.
  • Exchange / reciprocal visits of the staff and students (undergraduate, postgraduate) of Alexander College, as well as staff-board members of Cyprus National Addictions Authority with the aim to promote scientific research and to transfer practical experience to the students of the Institution.

Alexander College maintains links with important international and local organizations and companies while our Alexander Professional Studies and Alexander Training Centre promotes business and social cooperation including the following entities:

WARGAMING.NET | NAGA MARKETS | Cyprus Youth Board | Cyprus National Authority for Addictions | The Larnaca Municipality | Larnaca Chamber of Commerce & Industry | Famagusta Bar Association | Larnaca Bar Association | POVEK Small Shopkeepers and Craftsmen Organization | Apothiki 79 Art Space | Y.Laouris Informatique | G. Gavriel Education | Harris Kyriakides LLC | Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute

Alexander Research Centre

Among the most important developments at Alexander College was the establishment of the Alexander Research Centre which aspires to enhance research led teaching. The Research Centre, affiliated to the Institution plays a pivotal role in enhancing research culture.


  • To foster research culture and activity in the academic and student community of Alexander College
  • To develop socially beneficial research activity which will encompass the academic community, the economy and the society
  • To form consortiums of cooperation with organizations and services designing research proposals

Aims & Objectives

  • The promotion of research, innovation and critical studies in connection with the educational mission of Alexander College
  • The dedication in the fields of economy, design, law, arts and culture, education, information technology, international and European relations and the cooperation between the Cypriot communities.
  • The conduct of surveys and research, seminars, conferences, symposiums, training, publications, partnerships and collaborations with other organizations to promote the above objectives.
  • The promotion of interdisciplinary research, cooperation among peers and other institutions, academics and generally people of letters and arts

Research Ethics

Research projects by Alexander College faculty members and students involving human and animal subjects follow standards that assure confidentiality and ethical treatment. All research must conform to moral, deontological, social, humanistic and legal dimensions.

You are advised to ask the Research Centre Directorate for further info on research ethics.

Council of Europe

Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data