The funding sources of the Academic Staff consist of funding from:

  1. Funding from own resources (internal) of the College.
  2. External funding from third party funds.
  3. Co-funding of research

Eligible costs philosophy

The Research Activity covers the following categories of eligible costs for a Research Activity:

  • Developing independent and original research activities.
  • Publications in high quality and peer-reviewed journals or participation in a similar edition.
  • Identifying sources of funding for research and funding success.
  • Proof of Judgment for high quality journals and / or evidence of presence at major local and international conferences.
  • Effect of research.
  1. A) Funding from Own Resources

Funding from own resources concerns Internal Research Projects and Activities funded exclusively from the budget of Alexander College or the Alexander Research Center. This item is decided by the Board of Directors of the Foundation on the recommendation of the Research Committee. A separate fund is drawn up by the Alexander Research Center according to its own decisions and statutes. For the purpose of uniformly addressing research and research activity, the allocation is allocated according to the current Alexander College policy, in accordance with the decisions of the Research Committee and the Board of Directors. of the Alexander Research Center. Alexander College’s policy involves conducting scientific research and disseminating its results as a central pillar of the mission of a Higher Education Foundation.

The item covers research activity and programs and does not exceed € 1,500 per year for each faculty member (excluding disposable supplies where there is special provision).

Research activities

To achieve this goal, research activities and research projects will be funded by both young and well-established researchers but cannot be funded by other sources of funding.

Funding research inputs, ie expenditure required to participate in a research activity or research project, as well as “research results” (such as awards for the publication of articles in prestigious journals) will be funded by specific criteria such as (list of journals considered high prestige, categorization, etc.).

Eligible Costs

  1. Researchers’ remuneration – scientific assistant and research assistants (research assistants, postgraduate students). The remuneration of the scientific officer may not exceed 30% of the total budget.
  2. Travel expenses for participation in research collaborations with other Institutions (covering the expenses of the faculty member of the A.C. or the expenses of associate researchers-visitors). (Cost of Travel / Hotel Cost / Daily Compensation).
  3. Participation costs for presenting work at a major international conference [Registration Fee / Travel Cost / Hotel Cost / Daily Compensation]. Eligible congresses are annual conferences of international or European academic associations or conferences of similar standing.
  4. Purchase of software and other consumables not covered by other sources of funding
  5. Access to databases not covered by other sources of funding
  6. Publication costs
  7. Proof Judge for high quality journals and / or evidence of attendance at major local and international conferences
  8. Purchase of books or scientific journals or articles (from electronic journals) or subscriptions to scientific journals.
  9. Operating costs (eg postal or bank charges) or technical support costs required to implement the project.

Project costs that are not disbursed and not transferred to the next year are added to Alexander College’s budget for the following year.

Opening Funding

Introductory funding is instituted as an investment in new members of academic staff. The aim is to be able to develop the necessary basic research infrastructure and productive in their research aspirations. This mechanism will help to make the members of the Academic Staff capable of basic and applied research and then compete in demanding external financing. Selection is made by the Research Committee, following an evaluation of a relevant application and a personal interview of the prospective academic.

  1. B) Co-financing:

Co-financing concerns Research Programs where external funding does not cover all of the Program’s funding. These programs require part of the funding from Alexander College’s internal budget funds.

  1. C) External Financing:

External Funding deals with External and Internal Research Programs fully funded by external sources. These include European and International Programs and Research Projects of the Research Promotion Foundation


Costs for consumables and small equipment are submitted with requests up to a maximum of € 500 to the Research Committee or the Research Center, indicatively from the previous year and officially at the beginning of the year

For those extraordinary requests that will not exceed € 500, the Research Committee is authorized, the Deputy Chairman, the Director and the Financial Manager of the Alexander Research Center to approve them without an indicative application the previous year.