Alexander College administration and academic staff is committed to stemming research culture within the College. The College’s academics are encouraged to use research methods and cultivate research culture within the student community of the College. Autonomous research by academics is highly encouraged by the College’s administration in order to accomplish research standards. Research needs expertise, time, tools and funding in order to facilitate the best possible conditions suited for research. Thus, the Alexander Research Centre was established.

All pathways at Alexander College are interlinked to the Alexander Research Centre. The Research Centre gives incentives to academic staff so as to stimulate further research culture at the College. The Alexander Research Centre functions with an independent Scientific Council in cooperation with the Board of the Centre. These two bodies set every year aims and tasks with respect to research at Alexander and specify research activities of the Alexander Research Centre.

During its first year of establishment the ARC organized many series of lectures open to the public involving its academic staff and guest speakers.

Furthermore, the ARC initiated and accomplished its first survey on the economy in Larnaca town in cooperation with POVEK Larnaca branch, which is an organization facilitating small and medium size enterprises. Researchers of the Scientific Council and other academics, along with administrative staff, participated at the level of the organization of the survey, which was of particular interest for the BSc Business Administration and the MBA degrees of the College. Academics of these two pathways actively evaluated findings of the research and fulfilled all tasks.

The 2nd Research on Economic Activity of Micro and Small Enterprizes in Larnaca (2016) received important funds and support by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry-Larnaca, POVEK, the Central Cooperative Bank and Larnaca Municipality.

The Alexander Research Centre created a Committee of Young Researchers which endeavours to disseminate research culture along all ranks of our College. This Committee makes the best out of our finest research oriented students who participate in the organization of research under the guidance of our academics and the Scientific Council.

Additionally, the Alexander Research Centre plans to extend its activity through ERASMUS EU projects, making use of its expertise and also compete for local EU-Nationaly sponsored grants.

Among the Research Centre’s priorities is to establish a consortium with local industries in order to promote innovative development in Larnaca through EU and other funding.

The ARC aspires to build on Alexander College’s vital position within the economy and culture of Larnaca town in cooperation with local authorities of Larnaca district, namely Larnaca, Aradippou, Dromolaxia, Lefkara, Livadia, Athienou municipalities. An ambitious task of the ARC is to assist, with appropriate expertise, Larnaca’s municipalities by mobilizing innovative and research oriented initiatives.