Research Profile and Strategy

Strategy to systematically integrate staff research and scholarship with student learning:

The approach which best fits Alexander College is that “institutions outside the research élite can develop effective teaching-research links appropriate to their resources and perhaps more diverse institutional missions”.

  • The Alexander College, the Alexander Research Centre organize events, research studies and publications to raise institutional awareness. At least four research projects were funded and results presented and discussed with stakeholders and students. Research oriented Discussions and Seminars are regularly organized
  • Research Pedagogy. Program modules are demanding of research methods and contemporary advances are yearly incorporated into the curriculum and/or are cited while yearly and four yearly Review processes include the Research Component.
  • Alexander College developed and audits research policies and implements strategies to strengthen the teaching-research nexus. Cooperation with external partners both in the academia, public authorities and the business sector is progressing.  Alexander Research Centre although recently established, has numerous links with Associations (Industry and Commerce/ Shopkeepers and Craftsmen), Financial Institutions and their research components (Cooperative Cypriot Bank) Participation of guest lecturers from the discipline related sector, Memorandums and Agreements with industry third parties give the incentive to personnel and students to integrate research into the curriculum and relevant activities.
  • Research Outcomes in the field of Business and Management of the Alexander Research Centre are yearly presented and discussed by undergraduate and postgraduate students of Business oriented programmes of Alexander College. This is integrative to the enlightenment and topicality of relevant Modules and curricula. During the last two years, teaching personnel participated into relevant research.
  • Research Policy at Alexander College ( ) though dependent on resources, offers a climate which encourages research activities. Student Research Committees are a new integrative component of the Research Centre, financial and other support is guaranteed to teaching and research personnel, structures are flexible and in place, while the majority of the personnel has a demonstrated research orientation or is developing a research portfolio.