The Board will appoint a Scientific Council (SC)

The Scientific Council advises the Board and provides for scientific support with relation to the aims of the ALEXANDER College Research Center.

The SC consists of academics of the College in one part and of other academics on the other part.

Its composition reflects pluralism and main features of the College and of its pathways and shall be capable of promoting the interconnection of research with the College and society in general. It also aims at contributing to the development of research culture in the city of Larnaca.

Members of the SC must be able to contribute to the goals of the RC at the expense of at least a small portion of their time; to conduct studies and research; participate into projects of the RC not excluding future national or European projects under the aegis of the Research Promotion Foundation,
Foundation for the Management of EU Lifelong Learning Programmes, ERASMUS+, National Authorities etc all under the coordination of the Board. The RC also organizes the presentation and publication of its work. Research projects may also make the best out the most capable and motivated of our students in correlation with the field under study.

Furthermore, the RC shall connect research with the interests of the city of Larnaca. The Board finalises each year a roadmap of projects after consultation with the Scientific Council members.

Moreover the RC shall cooperate with public and private entities for mutual interest reasons.

Administrative stuff actively contributes to the realization of all responsibilities.

In conclusion, the Alexander Research Center is a major project and also a challenge for the academic and administrative stuff.