Scholarships for Cypriot students

Alexander College would like to inform the student community that through our support schemes, we offer scholarships and financial aid to local students.

Academic scholarships for new students

Alexander College announces the provision of scholarships for the new academic year. Scholarships apply to all undergraduate programmes of study offered at our facilities in Larnaca and Paphos.

Prospective students can apply for a scholarship in the programme they wish to enroll. The Institution’s Academic Committee will review all applications and make decisions in regards to the type of scholarship each student applies for.

Scholarship recipients are entitled to retain their scholarship throughout their years of study, as long as their overall final marks for each academic year exceeds the required 50%.

Available Scholarships:

  • Academic Merit Scholarships / Submit your High School Leaving Certificate
  • Distinctions in extracurricular activities / Submit relevant certificates
  • Distinctions in athletic activities / Terms and conditions apply
  • Familial socioeconomic criteria / Submit certificates upon request from the Institution
  • Families with three or more dependent children / Submit large family ID card
  • Corporate Scholarships / Upon agreement with corporations
  • Siblings Studying Simultaneously / Submit relevant certifications
  • Alexander College Family / Submit relevant certifications

Government Grants: Student Grant and Financial Support Measures

All of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes of study are eligible for state grants, provided that they are accredited. State grants are provided upon criteria set by the Ministry of Finance.

Eligible students are all Cypriot citizens or EU citizens who are permanent residents of the Republic of Cyprus (for at least five years).

For more information on government grants, visit the following link:

Alexander College Alumni Scholarships

Up to 20% reduction on the overall tuition sum is offered to all Alexander College alumni, for all postgraduate programmes of study we offer. In order to be eligible for this scholarship, prospective students must successfully undergo an interview with the course leader of the programme of their interest and/or with the Academic Director.

For more information, please call us at 24532373

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