Student Services

The main duty is to serve the students and provide them with proper guidance and adaptation, especially during their first year of studies, facilitating their integration into the various departments of the college. Additionally, continuous communication and contact with the responsible professors of the departments play a crucial role in addressing any problems from the beginning of each semester and providing the best possible solutions. The goal is to strengthen relationships among students and foster contact between the Administrative and Academic Staff, as well as to create an atmosphere of collaboration among students regarding learning issues. Moreover, collaboration among students is encouraged in organizing various social events, through which the Alexander College student community is promoted and showcased.

The ultimate goal of Alexander College and the Student Affairs Office is to continually inform graduates about job opportunities arising in the professional sector and, consequently, promote this information to the graduates. With its long-standing presence in the field of education and its recognition in the professional sphere, Alexander College offers professional rehabilitation to a large percentage of its graduates by maintaining excellent relationships with companies in the field. Additionally, there is a series of practical procedures and regulations that the department head must be familiar with so that they can, in turn, inform and assist students in practical matters, such as applying for various scholarships/grants.