State grants are available each academic year to students in full-time study. The College’s Students Affairs Office can assist students through the necessary procedures to secure a grant.

To qualify for a state grant a student must be:

  • a Cypriot or an EU citizen residing in the Republic of Cyprus with his/her family for the last 30 months.

Students who are non-Cypriot and non-EU citizens may also apply for a state grant on the condition that they:

  • have at least one parent that is a Cypriot or EU citizen employed in the Republic of Cyprus
  • are graduates of a Cypriot high school
  • are residents in the Republic of Cyprus with his/her family for the last 30 months

Students applying for a state grant will also be required to provide financial evidence demonstrating that they meet the minimum family income criteria set forth by the Cyprus Ministry of Finance.

Please note:

Funds granted to entitled students will remain the same each year however; the minimum family income limit to qualify for a grant has now been lowered to comply with new government laws introduced in 2013. Ultimately this may result in some students no longer being eligible for a state grant regardless if they have received funding the previous year.

Please contact the Cyprus Ministry of Finance for more information on grants at Tel: (++357) 22602723.