Alexander Research Centre calls for motivated students to join the Student Research Committee of Alexander College/Research Centre. Depending on demonstrated interest by students and faculty, research groups will be formed (Law, Business, Design etc.) and tasks will be assigned.

The main aim of the Student Research Committee is to support the development of Alexander’s College/Research Centre research profile. The Student Research Committee will work closely with Alexander Research Centre to organize events, draft research projects and submit funding recommendations to responsible authorities. Members of the Student Research Committee will be trained as perspective researchers and at the end of their term will receive a certificate of training and participation to research projects.

Those interested are encouraged to send a Personal Statement (max. 200 words) that will state why they want to be members of the Student Research Committee. Workload is estimated to be an average of 30hours for ONE SEMESTER including attending 3hours of lectures, two meetings, and collaborative project.

The deadline for applications is December 3rd 2018.

Send your application to with subject ‘Participation to Student Research Committee’, state your name, year and program of study. Eligible to apply are Second Year+ Students and Postgraduates.