Library Resources

Internal – The Library is staffed on a full time basis. Books and periodicals are purchased annually in all general and specialist areas relating to each course.  In addition Library has its own PCs, word processing and internet facilities for students use.

External – Subscription to academic on-line library.

Learning facilities

Lecture rooms – a) with audio-visual facilities and b) larger rooms (studios) to accommodate art and design based lectures.

Photographic studio – Onsite, fully equipped.

Auditoriumequipped with audio-visual technology.

IT Facilities

Computer Labs – Five computer labs at the college with 52 workstations, with Internet connection and Wi-Fi access.

Private Study – The College Library is equipped with study facilities including PCs and internet access.

Wi-Fi – The College is fully covered with wireless Internet access available to all students.

Print Shop – In house facility for students to print their work.

Student Support

Curriculum Support-Additional Learning Support is available for all students

On entry all students starting first year undertake appropriate initial assessment.  Support is then agreed and provided if required.  Upon registration students receive the Student Handbook with all necessary support information.

Staff Expertise in Teaching and supporting Students with Disabilities

All members of staff are briefed on the needs of disable persons at the start of the academic year.

Additional Educational Support

Additional assistance such as a sign language communicator is provided at early notification.

Arrangements for Examinations/Assessment

The nature of arrangements for examinations or assessment is based on the particular circumstance of the student.

Other Educational Support

Personal Care support

Personal care support is provided through daily contact with the student and liaison with parents.  Personal helpers are provided to students that requested this service.

Medical Support and First Aid Management

Members of staff trained in first aid and administer first aid pending ambulance arrival.

Welfare and Advice/Counselling Services

Student counsellor/advisor is available for discussion and guidance. Arrangements can be made for students to obtain external advice if necessary.

Tutorial Support

Each student is allocated a personal tutor.