Studying at Alexander

Deciding to study for a degree is not an easy choice; it requires a high level of commitment and dedication in order to succeed. At Alexander, we understand this and strive to make your time with us an enjoyable, rewarding and a worthwhile experience.

We encourage courtesy, consideration and teamwork, value academic freedom, seek equality of opportunity and provide for students with specific needs. We value students involvement in decision making at all levels of study and we support and guide students to make the most of the learning opportunities provided and work together to improve the quality of the environment.

Our experienced lecturers, academic experts and professional support staff are committed to giving you an educational experience that will boost your independence, build your transferable skills and develop your critical thinking. Through innovative learning methods, you will be encouraged to strengthen your ability to work and learn independently to put your subject knowledge into practice.

There are certain characteristics that everyone at Alexander College shares. Our graduates are academically-minded, research-skilled, practice-informed, innovative, ethical and globally aware. They are ambitious, motivated and ready for work and/or further study. These are just some of the characteristic traits that make our graduates an obvious choice for employment.

A College education and a University degree can transform your life and along the way, it will provide you with the opportunity to take risks, challenge yourself, develop independent thinking, achieve your aspirations and build friendships that will last a lifetime.

We hope this website will give you some insight into what we do and help you to reach your decision. Applications must be made in person. If you have any queries, require any additional information or wish to book an appointment, please contact our front desk during office hours and we’ll connect you to the right person.

We hope to hear from you soon!